Product Testing Report

evaluation of staSAFE sanitizer for its antiviral properties

Please Note: The name of the product used in these tests (Ag2 Sterling Skin Sanitizer) has been renamed. Therefore, all references to Ag2 Sterling Skin Sanitizer refer to staSAFE Sanitizer.

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Disclaimer: The hand sanitizer was tested by Bioscience Laboratories, Inc., an independent laboratory audited by the FDA and EPA for GLP and GCP, and shown to reduce by 99.98% the infectivity of Influenza A virus A/Swine/Iowa/15/30 (H1N1) using the In-Vitro Time-Kill method. We do not claim that the sanitizer can cure or treat people infected with Influenza virus. This product is for external use only and intended for skin sanitizing and moisturising. The FDA has not reviewed this product.