All natural hand sanitizer

alcohol sanitizers are not the only solution

People carry between 10,000 and 10 million bacteria on each hand. Good hand washing reduces harmful microorganisms on the skin, however, at times it is more practical to use a hand sanitizer.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends that you wash your hands between uses of alcohol based hand sanitizers since their effectiveness decreases with increased use and are ineffective after the third use without hand washing. For some degree of protection, alcohol-based hand sanitizers need to be used every 5 minutes. Soil also inactivates the effects of alcohol.

According to news outlets, these products are responsible for over 12,000 cases of child alcohol poisoning. The toxicity of alcohol based sanitizers, coupled with the growing teen abuse of these products, led to the ban of these alcohol based products from many school systems in the United States.

Alcohol-based sanitizers dry your hands, remove the natural oils from your skin and in many cases, causes your skin to crack. This actually provides germs with another place to hide and enter your body. Your hands need not suffer to protect you from germs and bacteria.

stāSAFE sanitizer and PROTECTOR is different

stāSAFE is an ALL NATURAL, green product formulated using our proprietary silver/zinc complex, that does not evaporate like alcohol and in fact, stays on your hands and blends with the natural oils of your skin. This notion will be liberating for many as they are constantly monitoring what they touch. Relax, stāSAFE is on the job.

Because it’s all natural, made with aloe vera and other high quality ingredients, stāSAFE moisturizes and protects your skin. It’s a high grade moisturizer, as well as a sanitizer.