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The Importance of Having Hand Sanitizer Available in the Workplace

As businesses across the country begin to reopen, we all share a large responsibility to protect the overall health and wellbeing of our communities. Taking the necessary safety precautions and enforcing the standards of local governments is the first step. While everyone needs to do their own part, businesses should also set the precedent by providing the necessary cleaning equipment and sanitation supplies in the workplace. This is especially important in offices, where hundreds of employees may be confined in small spaces and sharing office supplies.

On average, Americans spend more time during the week in the workplace than anywhere else. Many office workers are also notorious for reporting to work, even when they’re feeling ill. This makes the office a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Chronically having sick employees can cost your business more than you realize in health insurance bills, lost productivity, and beyond. However, proper hand hygiene can reduce absenteeism and the associated costs by nearly 40 percent, according to several studies! Therefore, keeping your office stocked with hand sanitizer is a simple, but highly effective step you can take.

Key Locations for Hand Sanitizer 

Cafeterias and Break Rooms- One of the germiest places in the whole offices is the kitchen, breakroom, cafeteria, or wherever employees gather to eat. This is especially true if your office has a culture of “shared food” and everyone’s putting their germ-infested hands in the same bowl of candy all day. This is an ideal spot to stock up on hand sanitizers for employees to use. 

Meeting Rooms- Before everyone starts passing around notes and shared documents, lather up with hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of germs. This is a simple, but effective step that every company should be taking to help slow the spread of contagious germs. 

Employees Desks- Computers, keywords, mice, and phones are all hotspots for germs since people are touching them so often. People spend the majority of their time at their desk, so this is often where a lot of germs live. Distribute hand sanitizer bottles throughout the office on your employees’ desks to encourage them to lather up after sneezing, coughing, or before they eat. 

High Traffic Areas- Hallways, entrances, exits, front desks, wherever people are walking through most often. Make hand sanitizer readily available and easy to use. 

Restrooms- Yes, employees should wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water before returning to work. However, our all-natural hand sanitizer is also used to protect hands between washes. Keeping a few bottles in the restrooms will encourage employees to practice proper hand hygiene, and give their hands and extra layer of protection and moisture with our sanitizer. 

Purchasing Hand Sanitizer Online For Your Business

Keeping your employees healthy and produced will also help to avoid decreases in office productivity, due to employees being out sick for extended periods of time. Overall, keeping hand sanitizer distributed throughout the office is a simple step that all businesses can afford to take. At staSAFE, our hand sanitizer is all-natural and moisturizes while it protects hands and effectively kills 99.99% of germs. We offer 6 packs of sanitizer bottles, 12 packs, and retailers packs of 72 bottles. All options are in stock and available for purchase online today! 

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