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Why is Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer a Safer Choice? 

Using hand sanitizer is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay healthy no matter where you go. From small bottles that are easy to fit in your purse, backpack or car, to large bottles that you can keep at home or in the office, hand sanitizers are a great way to keep clean when soap and water aren’t immediately available. But with all of the different kinds and brands of hand sanitizer out there, whether alcohol-based or alcohol-free, how do you know which type to buy? Read on to learn why alcohol-free hand sanitizer is the safer choice to use. 

Safer for Children 

Imagine if your child actually wanted to apply hand sanitizer? Well, the water-based texture of alcohol-free sanitizers makes for a fun and pleasant application, especially for kids. Plus, they won’t have to worry about the painful sting of getting hand sanitizer caught in a cut!  The absence of alcohol also poses less of a threat in cases of accidental ingestion, which is far more likely to happen to children. 

Gentle on Skin

The purpose of using alcohol in hand sanitizers is to kill germs, but in the process of doing so the alcohol strips away the oils in your skin that retains moisture, leaving hands dry and irritated. In contrast, most alcohol-free sanitizers are non-drying, and staSAFE’s alcohol-free hand sanitizer even provides additional moisture with aloe!  

Non-Flammable & Non-Damaging 

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are not flammable, which makes it an overall safer choice compared to those that are alcohol-based.  Plus, it won’t damage your table or countertop after a spill. Keep your counters, kids and family safe by using alcohol-free hand sanitizer! 

staSAFE: The all-natural hand sanitizer & protector, backed by science! 

If you’re looking for an alcohol-free hand sanitizing solution, look no further! staSAFE offers an all-natural, non-drying, non-toxic sanitizer that kills germs and keeps you safe & healthy. Contact staSAFE today to learn more by calling (857) 400-4444, and check out our products here!  



      “Kind to your hands … Deadly to Germs”

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